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Located 15 minutes away from Byron Bay on a beautiful property in Myocum. 

Sophie offers an intimate setting to express your self using art as the medium. Her classes are fun, expressive and social. have a giggle or a cry, and leave feeling lighter after getting it out onto a page.  Designed to become part of your weekly self love ritual, or just a treat when you need it, come connect in and express.

428 Tyagrah rd, Myocum
Open only in Workshop hours.

Drawing life- An immersive experience.

Monday nights 6pm-7:30pm


Come join us for a surreal and interactive art class created to release you from normality and ignite your imagination. Each class offers a multi-sensory experience for you to drop into and interpret in a way that means something to you.  A fresh vivid world will be created for your experimentation and pleasure.

Gabrielle, with a decade of experience as a physical theatre performer in Europe will embody abstract, playful and captivating performance, enhanced by costumes, lighting and sound to enrapture your senses.

With her 6 years of experience in emotion led creating and teaching, Sophie's expertise lies in expanding, developing and actively guiding you through the experiment through exercises aimed at luring you deeper and deeper into a space of creative freedom. Not only will we be capturing the human body, we’ll be exploring the human soul.

A collaborative project by Sophie May and Gabrielle Miller.

Xpress at Hot Mess

Wednesday nights 6pm-7:30pm


Boot camp for those who feel trapped by the search of an end result. We will focus soley on the journey of creating, using our emotions as our muse. Join us for a night of letting free those inner demons and angels alike. This class offers and oppurtunity to purge, realease and play on a blank canvas. Led by Sophie, we'll explore different ways of approaching the creative process, always provoking you to step outside your comfort zone and into a space of creative freedom. Not only are these classes designed to be fun and interactive, but therapeutic and empowering.

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