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Guardian Mug 


Born in a dream, created to protect.


These guardian mugs are all handmade with the intention to inspire a feeling of safety, protection  and security in whoever drinks from it. 

Culturally, we believe that our ancestors are always with us, guiding and protecting us on our journey. They communicate through your intuition. These mugs are a reminder that you are being guided too, and to listen to your gut.

May these mugs become a special part or your daily routine, a vessel for your morning coffee while preparing for the day, or something to sip sweet wine from while journaling your heart out. Whatever Your choice, May it instill you with guidance.


approximatley 85mm x 90mm

Thrown on a wheel and hand painted. Each is unique in it's form and figure. Imperfections are intentional, it's what makes them special.

Guardian Mug- Orange

$80.00 Regular Price
$60.00Sale Price
Only 2 left in stock


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